Le Bao is chef Jina Yoo’s second restaurant in the Columbia, MO. area. Like Jina Yoo’s, Le Bao is an Asian fusion restaurant that combines Asian and Western tastes to create a signature style of cuisine that’s wholly unique and full of flavor. Think fast casual Asian eatery but with a contemporary American twist.

Le Bao has also been featured on other sites such as Feast Magazine, Vox Magazine, and Columbia Missourian.


Mid-Missouri’s “Queen of Asian fine dining,” Jina Yoo is a self-taught chef with a background in music. While you won’t catch her playing much of the piano or pipe organ these days, Jina is still composing melodies in the kitchen, only now her instruments are a bit sharper and her masterpieces a bit tastier!

Jina is always perfecting our menu. See what’s new!